Wine Tours

Kefalonia has 7 internationally distinguished wineries. They all have great wines and carry a lot of history. We can organize wine tours so you can visit them and taste as much wine as you want.You will see beautiful natural landscapes, the wineyards and meet our great local wine makers them selves. Our driver will take care of everything for you.

Local Chef Experience

My Villa offers a local Chef cooking just for you. Can you imagine a nice meal, next to your loved ones, prepared just for you? Our Chef is experienced for more than 30 years, he can cook virtually anything you desire but he also knows the local recipes better than anyone. Enjoying rare, high quality food by the pool with our fantastic view can be an unforgettable experience.

Massage and Spa

Can you imagine having a massage at our Villa, with a view, next to the pool.. listening to relaxing music? If you want something even more special, we can arrange a unique experience for you like a massage at a very special place like Jerusalem beach or Myrtos beach during sunset. Our Massage girl is experienced and strives to offer the best for you.

Boat Trip

The area around Lourdata is considered as one of the best in Greece to enjoy a ride with a boat. The thrill of this cannot easily be described as you will swim in so many secluded beaches or even caves. You can even visit other islands like Ithaca, Skorpios (Onasis’s island), Lefkada, Atokos etc.

Horse Riding

Enjoy horse riding in the amazing nature of Kefalonia and the beaches. Horse riding for the experienced and for the newbies.

Paragliding Over Myrtos Beach

Myrtos Beach is usually on any top ten beach list world wide, the King of all Beaches in Kefalonia. Take a look from the top of the mountain and you will encounter one of the most breathtaking views ever. Imagine doing paragliding over the beach and landing right there.